Paddington’s Educare Center Mission Statement

Paddington’s Educare Center was bought in 1998 by the Newton Family.  The school is owned and managed by Candice.  As a family we encourage good manners, as well as firm discipline and aim to instill traditional family values in each child.

Paddington’s Educare Center is an Independent School in Midrand, where we strive to provide a safe and caring environment for our children. We offer small classes with individual attention, within a large country environment boasting a large play area, with the aim to ensure an excellent foundation for your child.

As an Independent School in Midrand, we cater for children from 18 months to Grade 7. In 2011 we decided to expand our services into Paddington’s Educare Center T/A Glen Austin Primary and to include Foundation Phase Learning Grade 1 to 3, Intermediate Phase Learning Grade 4 to 6 and more recently in January 2017, Senior Phase Grade 7, following the basic principles of the prescribed GDE CAPS Curriculum, which we have enhanced and expanded on in order to give our students opportunities to achieve to their full potential.

Our Ethos


Our qualified and dedicated teachers care for your children with passion and enthusiasm to fulfill the needs of each learner in a sensitive, caring manner and a balanced programme of academic, cultural and sporting activities. In this happy learning environment, our learners whose safety and overall development is our main priority, will be able to achieve their full potential academically, physically and socially encouraging personal integrity by way of choosing what is right and wrong (to choose the right values which will lead to a successful and stable life).

Children need a relationship of trust and understanding with their teachers in order to feel safe and secure. We provide this foundation for effective education. We believe that each child is an individual and needs to be viewed as such in order to achieve to their full potential.

The dedicated team of teachers have no more than 26 pupils in a class and can therefore help develop individual strengths. Where overall attention is paid to the all-round development of the child, here at Paddington’s and Glen Austin Primary we believe that excellent English, as a means of written, read and spoken communication is of vital importance. Afrikaans is our First Additional language of choice. In Mathematics we strive for excellence in speed and accuracy. Application of learnt knowledge is our main focus.

We offer continuous observation and assessment throughout the year to monitor each child’s progress. A formal report is issued to parents at regular intervals. The early identification of problems, with the necessary intervention and referrals to independent professionals and/or therapists are of great importance to each individual learner.

We recognise that the programme needs to encompass the spiritual, emotional, social, academic and physical areas of development.

Our School Programme

As a registered independent school in Midrand our programme includes daily / weekly themes encompassing:

NOTE: Physical Education incorporates swimming, athletics, netball, soccer & hockey

primary school technology education

Child Assessment & Learning Support Programmes

Each child’s development should be a shared responsibility between the school and the parents. Through encouraging this regular interaction, we are able to nurture and develop inner strengths within each child.

Religion: Paddington’s Educare Center / Glen Austin Primary are non-denominational. The policy of the school is to respect the religious beliefs of others and that we uphold the right of families to choose and practise their own religious beliefs.

At Paddington’s Educare Center / Glen Austin Primary we have an open door policy and encourage effective communication in all areas.